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My Fellow Wockeyites-   The final Wockey Pool, Wockey Pool XIII, has officially commenced!  Well, it actually did a week-and-a-half ago.  In fact, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Oh crap!  I forgot that was even a thing.  I had completely moved on.  Also, why do I suddenly feel nauseous again?”  ...read more!

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Latest Updates (Delayed)
National Championship
Massachusetts 0
Minnesota-Duluth 3
National Semi-Final
Denver 3
Massachusetts 4
National Semi-Final
Providence 1
Minnesota-Duluth 4
Regional Final
American International 0
Denver 3
Regional Final
Notre Dame 0
Massachusetts 4

Leaders & Losers

Position Wockeyite Points Predicted Champ
1st Place Jacqoo218 54 Minnesota-Duluth
2nd Place Methuen Tattoo 54 Minnesota-Duluth
3rd Place Skol Bulldogs 54 Minnesota-Duluth
4th Place Pete M 52 Minnesota-Duluth
5th Place SauceTossinDangleWizards 52 Minnesota-Duluth
6th Place GaylordFocker99 51 Minnesota-Duluth
7th Place Niiiccckkk!!! 50 Minnesota-Duluth
8th Place eggsbenny14 49 Minnesota-Duluth
Puckhead Runner-Up D-Mart 3 Northeastern
Puckhead Tous 3 Bowling Green

What is Wockey?

"What is a Wockey Pool?", you may ask. Good question! No one knows for sure, but some speculate it started in 1648 as a way for Native Americans and visitors to the "New World" to trade goods and services in their efforts to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Of course, these people are astonishingly off-base. In reality, it is a college hockey pool started in 2007 as a way to help promote college hockey and wager on THE most exciting college tourney of the spring (sorry basketball fans). On this site, you can visit our Wockey Hall of Fame/Shame, check out this year's prizes, or use our Wockey Wuvbirds Matchmaking Service to find your soulmate! When you're done browsing, register and enter your picks.

So, do you have what it takes to Wockey?