As whimsical a world as Wockey is, it just wouldn't be the same without our fabulous prizes.  First and foremost among these is the the Jewett Trophy, awarded annually to the Wockey Champion.

As honorable as it is to win the Jewett Trophy, it has seemed that Wockey Champions prefer the prize of cold, hard cash. Delivered to you in a hermetically sealed, Antarctic thermal crate, the cash you win is literally both cold and hard. However, the feeling you'll attain when receiving this cash is both warm and tingly--and not in a "you have to pee" kind of way. Here were the 2018 payouts:

  • 1st – $1,744.95
  • 2nd - $523.49
  • 3rd – $348.99
  • 4th – $279.19
  • 5th – $244.29
  • 6th – $174.50
  • 7th – $104.70
  • 8th – $69.79

A recent study claims that 94 out of 100 people prefer money. Therefore, it should be ALL of our jobs to get as many people in the pool as possible to grow the pot as big as possible. Mo' money may equal mo' problems for Notorious B.I.G., but in the Wockey Pool, mo' payouts are as sweet as outdated 90's rap references.

On top of these fabulous cash prizes, it has been tradition in the Wockey Pool that we hand out an extra, tangibly material gift to both the Wockey Champion and the Wockey Puckhead (the last place finisher in the Wockey Pool).  This year those prizes are:

Wockey Champion

Once you’ve dominated Wockey, the taste of victory will need to be sated until the 2020 tournament begins. Fortunately, summer is the perfect time to play an equally intense competition -- cornhole! And with this customized cornhole set, you’re opponents can’t help but be intimidated as it’s common knowledge that the same skills required to succeed at picking college hockey games apply to winning at cornhole.


Wockey Puckhead

Nothing quite stings like watching an inanimate version of yourself shake it’s own smiling head at you in adorable disdain. With that in mind, if you suffer the indignity of becoming Puckhead, you’ll have a constant reminder that the entirety of Wockey is shaking their collective heads with you via this personalized Puckhead bobblehead!

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